Based on the first RISIS project from 2014-2018, RISIS goes on given the high interest on RISIS datasets and their integration. RISIS2 has started in 2019 and provides ongoing access to the existing RISIS datasets:

RISIS2 Project Website

The SMS platform and the data store remain accessible:

SMS Platform

This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme Grant Agreement n°313082
European Union

Introducing RISIS datasets portal

The Datasets portal  provides access to a set of RISIS datasets  free of charge. The access is offered through a two-step process:

     i) Accreditation: researchers need to register and agree on the conditions of use (good use of data, authorship, mentions to the RISIS project, agreement of posting results and aggregated datasets produced on RISIS website) via signing a charter of good use.

     ii) Selection: researchers need to proposes a project (200 words proposal) based upon the mobilisation of one or more datasets. Projects are reviewed both by the relevant dataset producers and by the RISIS project review board that will give the final agreement for access.

All datasets can be accessed via the visit request option (see below), usually intending an on site physical visit* by the applicant to the host organisation of the dataset. However, a physical visit can also be replaced by distant access to data (e.g by some data delivered by email or file transfer platforms) on behalf of joint considerations between the dataset owner and the user when it is considered as more comfortable, and when it is legally eligible. Some datasets also offer an online access option where the dataset (or major parts of it) can be accessed online after registration and a short description of the research prurpose.

* Cost for travel and on site stay (when needed) will be covered by the RISIS project (see Rules for visits and re-imbursement ).

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