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UPDATES March 2017: CIB

CIB (Corporate Innovation Board) is a database that includes the patent portfolios of the largest corporate R&D investors worldwide (more than 2000 industrial firms from all industrial sectors). One of the strength of this database relates to the fact that it is built using a consolidated perimeter for the firms (based on information from the Orbis financial database, produced by Bureau van Dijk) and thus collects the patent portfolios of all the entities of the firms (global ultimate owner and subsidiaries). It enables to access the inventive activities of these firms, to follow their evolution over time (over more than 20 years), to characterise their technological profile and to analyse where were the inventions produced.


Using the CIB data allows to produce a set of indicators on the inventive activities of firms. Data can be produced for individual firms or aggregated at higher levels (countries, technologies, sectors). It will soon benefit from the geocoding of addresses (for inventors and applicants) allowing the analysis of the inventive activities at local level. A second edition of CIB is also planned for autumn 2017. It will be an enlarged version containing more than 4000 firms.


Database actualisation: Currently, we are working on CIB_2, the new CIB version. Compared to the currently available version, it aims both at enlarging the firm data set (to more than 4000 firms), adapting the perimeter of firms to the 2016 situation and collecting patent portfolios up to 2012-13. In the last 6 months, the list of the firms has been defined. It will include firms from the R&D Industrial Scoreboard (editions 2008 to 2015) and the largest corporate applicants to PCT patents (from 2008 to 2015). Matching the firm’s names with the Orbis database was carried out in order to obtain the list of all the firms’ entities. Important efforts have been dedicated to manual checking of the effective perimeter and to retrieving the information needed on each firm.


CIB visits and training: 4 research projects involving CIB visits have been accepted in the last 6 months. Our visitors were mostly interested in characterising the corporate activity in their respective country and for some of them to compare the results with those for other selected countries. Besides two more visits have been accepted that will soon take place. One training course (2 days) was organised in October. It aimed at giving skills in the analysis of R&D trends using information retrieved from both patents and publications. This topic has generated a lot of interest and a second edition is planned for June 2017.


Research work and publications: For our own research dealing with patents, we have worked to characterise and underline the interest of integrating ‘artificial patents’ in the design of the world priority patent indicator. This work has been submitted and will be presented in conferences in 2017.


CIB is now being enlarged by also considering the scientific publications from firms (Corporate Science Board, CSB). This is done within RISIS in conjunction with the Leiden Ranking dataset. A first development is focused on the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.