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UPDATES March 2017: VICO

The VICO Updated database was developed to track Venture Capital and Angel Investment activity in Europe, with the aim to update and enlarge the already existing VICO database, developed within the project “VICO – Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Europe”.


The database contains geographical, industry, investment and accounting information on companies founded starting from 1/1/1988, which have received at least one venture capital or angel investment starting from 1/1/1998, operating in seven European countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and Israel.


The main sources of information are three databases: two commercial databases (Thompson One Private Equity and Zephyr) and the free on-line database Crunchbase. Thomson One Private Equity is the main source of VICO Updated, accounting for 13,058 companies. However, the inclusion of companies coming from Zephyr and Crunchbase allowed to significantly increase the coverage, with additional 4,805 companies, for a total of 17,863 companies, 7,834 investors and 52,657 investment rounds. Additionally, accounting data (from 2005 to 2014) were retrieved from Orbis and they are available for 81% of the sample.


All companies’ and investors’ names were harmonized (using Excel add-on fuzzy matching and manual checks) and a unique list of companies and investors was created, merging information coming from the three source databases. Moreover, all variables were checked for reliability and internal consistency, and missing data on different variables regarding both companies and investors were integrated using additional sources, such as company websites, press releases, and online company directories such as, e.g., More specifically: missing data on type of investor (i.e. type of VC fund or BAs); information on company industries were reclassified according to the NACE Rev. 2 classification, when the information was not available in this format (e.g. companies obtained from Crunchbase); the correct foundation year was retrieved through other sources in case of mismatch between the foundation date reported in the different original source datasets and Orbis.


In the current version, for each company (and investor), the database includes information on the country, the city, the address (when available) and the ZIP code (when available). We are currently collecting additional information on the geographical coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude), ZIP codes, NUTS (NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3) and FUAs (Functional Urban Areas) of both companies and investors. Moreover, we are cleaning data on patents collected by UPEM.


The current version of the VICO Updated database is open for visits. We expect to open a new release of the database with the additional information on geographical coordinates and units of companies and investors, and patenting activity of companies during 2017.