Based on the first RISIS project from 2014-2018, RISIS goes on given the high interest on RISIS datasets and their integration. RISIS2 has started in 2019 and provides ongoing access to the existing RISIS datasets:

RISIS2 Project Website

The SMS platform and the data store remain accessible:

SMS Platform

This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme Grant Agreement n°313082
European Union

Introducing OrgReg: register of public-sector research and higher education organisations is now on-line

A core effort in RISIS has been to harmonize organisations across the different datasets involved in the project. This represents an important step towards interoperability, as it allows users to combine organisational-level data in fast and reliable ways, for example looking at publications, patents and projects.

Harmonization is achieved through the establishment of registers that provide a verified list of organisations including identifiers stable over time and across datasets.

The register of public research organisations and higher education institutions – OrgReg -is now available on-line: it covers higher education institutions, public research organisations, research hospitals, public administration entities involved in research and private non-profit organizations in 36 European countries, for a total number of over 4,000 entities. For the organisations covered, basic data are provided, like the foundation year, the website and the location of the main seat. Additionally, OrgReg documents organisational demography since the year 2000 and the linkages between entities.

OrgReg is also the first RISIS database that is available for distant access (besides the two platforms CorText and SMS): users can register through the CorText authentication service and then access to the ata through the website