This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme Grant Agreement n°313082
European Union

Governing Board

The Governing Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium built to operate the project. It meets at least once a year to review past activities and defines the directions for the coming year.
It is composed of one representative per member.

The composition of the Governing Board for 2014 is as follows:

Partner 1: UPEM – Philippe Larédo

Partner 2: VU – Peter van den Besselaar

Partner 3: University of Manchester – Paul Cunningham

Partner 4: CNR – Emanuela Reale

Partner 5: NIFU – Eric Iversen

Partner 6: AIT – Matthias Weber

Partner 7: University of Leiden – Ed Noyons

Partner 8: Politecnico di Milano – Massimo Colombo

Partner 9: IFQ – Sybille Hinze

Partner 10: USI – Benedetto lepori

Partner 11: SNI – Daphne Getz

Partner 12: CSIC – Luis Sanz

Partner 13: University of Sussex – Paul Nightingale


It held its first meeting February 3, 2014. It elected the Facility Coordination Board, which is in charge of the project operational management (Peter van den Besselaar, Philippe Larédo, Benedetto Lepori and Matthias Weber). It defined a process through which nominate the Project Review Board, and decided that the first RISIS annual week would take place in Rome in January 2015.