Based on the first RISIS project from 2014-2018, RISIS goes on given the high interest on RISIS datasets and their integration. RISIS2 has started in 2019 and provides ongoing access to the existing RISIS datasets:

RISIS2 Project Website

The SMS platform and the data store remain accessible:

SMS Platform

This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme Grant Agreement n°313082
European Union


RISIS/SMS Team wins the 1st OpenAIRE Datathon

The OpenAIRE datathon aimed at stimulating developers and data scientists at analysing the OpenAIRE Information Space with the intent of improving its consumption by users and third-party services. The OpenAIRE information space consists of a scholarly communication graph interlinking publications, datasets, software, research organizations, funders, and projects. The graph is the result of harvesting metadata from around 3000 data providers, harmonizing such metadata, and keeping or inferring links between graph objects described by such metadata.…

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RISIS/SMS Presentations at ESWC 2018

The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies. The goal of the Semantic Web is to create a Web of knowledge and services in which the semantics of content is made explicit and content is linked to both other content and services allowing novel applications to combine content from heterogeneous sites in unforeseen ways and support enhanced matching between users needs and content. This year,  RISIS SMS researchers…

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RISIS/SMS Presentations at K-CAP 2017

The Knowledge Capture (K-CAP) conference has been held since 2001 as a follow-up of the Knowledge Acquisition Workshops (KAW) that ran between 1986 and 1999. The Ninth International Conference on Knowledge Capture  (K-CAP 2017) aims at attracting researchers from diverse areas of Artificial Intelligence, including knowledge representation, knowledge acquisition, intelligent user interfaces, problem-solving and reasoning, planning, agents, text extraction, and machine learning, information enrichment and visualization, as well as researchers interested in cyber-infrastructures to foster the publication,…

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New linked open datasets on the SMS platform

End of last year, the “state of open science report” was published. It covers various interesting insights in the role of open data, such as the increasing awareness about open data, and the growing willingness to share data. According to the report, "74% of researchers are curating their data for sharing”. This may lead to more and more open data available to researchers. As the reports stresses, the "biggest advancement in 2016 has been the announcement by…

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RISIS-ETER now online

The RISIS-ETER facility is a set of databases providing a register of European Higher Education Institutions and containing basic statistical information on them, including descriptors, geographical information, students and graduates, personnel, finances, and research activities. These databases, created by merging data from national statistical authorities, are the only available comprehensive information on European higher education and thus are of fundamental value for analytical purposes. The facility includes data for HEIs in the years 2008, 2011,…

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