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RISIS Training 2017

Improving the capabilities of researchers in science and innovation studies to mobilise big data and quantitative analyses is a major challenge. Through our training programme, RISIS aims to prepare researchers to both the use of the datasets and platforms we offer, and to analyse such data.   RISIS supports 3 types of courses: one or two-day courses introducing researchers to a dataset or a platform; two-day courses for introducing specific methods or types of information; and one-week schools targeting more specifically…

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UPDATES March 2017: Leiden Ranking

At CWTS we have primarily worked on the address cleaning and harmonization as related to the RISIS the register of research actors (OrgReg). Most attention was paid to the identification and harmonization of non-university research organizations and hospitals. The work involves data cleaning for a great deal based on desktop research.   The data underlying the Leiden Ranking dataset involves (WoS) publications being assigned to universities. The assignment of author affiliations to universities when the…

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UPDATES March 2017: OrgReg

The Register of Public-Sector Organizations (OrgReg) is a new facility being developed within RISIS in order to provide an unambiguous identification of research organizations and higher education institutions belonging to the public sector. OrgReg is also a central element for the harmonization of databases dealing with organizations within RISIS, as it allows providing unambiguous identifiers for each entity and, therefore, linking different datasets for what concerns the identification of organizations.   It covers following types…

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The ETER-EUMIDA facility is a set of databases providing a register of European Higher Education Institutions and containing basic statistical information on them, including descriptors, geographical information, students and graduates, personnel, finances, and research activities. These databases, created by merging data from national statistical authorities, are the only available comprehensive information on European higher education, and thus are of fundamental value for analytical purposes. Coverage is very extensive as both databases include not only doctorate-awarding…

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RISIS Linked Data Course : Summary Report

This is a pictorial summary of our 2-day training course  on 'Linked data for science and innovation studies' which took place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 23-24 March 2017. The course, organized as a mixture of lectures, hands-on and discussion sessions aimed to help researchers understand basic Linked (Open) Data principles and technologies as well as how it can be used in science and innovation studies. 1st day The course started by introducing the participants in terms of their field…

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