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RISIS Linked Data Course : Summary Report

This is a pictorial summary of our 2-day training course  on 'Linked data for science and innovation studies' which took place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 23-24 March 2017. The course, organized as a mixture of lectures, hands-on and discussion sessions aimed to help researchers understand basic Linked (Open) Data principles and technologies as well as how it can be used in science and innovation studies. 1st day The course started by introducing the participants in terms of their field…

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SIPER – Science and Innovation Policy Evaluations Repository - is a central source of knowledge on research and innovation policy evaluations, run by a team at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. Its aim is twofold:   - to provide on-line access to a unique collection of policy evaluation reports, located at a single location; - to allow policy and evaluation learning by providing a detailed characterisation of evaluations in a way that is searchable…

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UPDATES March 2017: FGMF

Fast Growing Medium Sized Firms (FGMFs) is dataset with the aim of developing a brand-new data infrastructure as a robust monitoring device covering the economic and technological development of FGMFs as one of the main pillars of the industrial and technological system. The geographical coverage of the database includes 28 European countries plus Israel. More specifically the main criteria for inclusion of firms in the dataset were: Firms established in 28 European countries and Israel.…

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UPDATES March 2017: VICO

The VICO Updated database was developed to track Venture Capital and Angel Investment activity in Europe, with the aim to update and enlarge the already existing VICO database, developed within the project “VICO – Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Europe”.   The database contains geographical, industry, investment and accounting information on companies founded starting from 1/1/1988, which have received at least one venture capital or angel investment starting from 1/1/1998, operating in seven European countries (Belgium,…

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UPDATES March 2017: ProFile

The RISIS Early Careers dataset “ProFile” is a longitudinal study on training conditions of doctoral candidates and careers of doctorate holders. ProFile was developed in order to provide data on the conditions of doctoral training and careers of doctorate holders. Since the beginning of ProFile in 2009, seven cohorts of doctoral candidates from selected German universities, graduate schools and scholarship providers have been surveyed on an annual basis until they completed or dropped out of…

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