Based on the first RISIS project from 2014-2018, RISIS goes on given the high interest on RISIS datasets and their integration. RISIS2 has started in 2019 and provides ongoing access to the existing RISIS datasets:

RISIS2 Project Website

The SMS platform and the data store remain accessible:

SMS Platform

This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme Grant Agreement n°313082
European Union

Characteristics of the “Corporate Invention Board” (CIB) and “Nano” patent databases and exploration of their potential use in S&T studies

REPORT             COURSE MATERIALS Course objectives The objective of the course is to introduce patents databases. It will describe the features of the CIB and Nano patent databases, highlighting their potential applications in S&T studies and provide a practical training for their exploitation. It focuses on 2 databases: A database of the patent portfolio of more than 2000 worldwide MNEs with the highest R&D investments (CIB), A thematic database gathering…

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Early career researchers: features and potentials of the doctoral candidates and doctorate holders panel study ProFile

REPORT               COURSE MATERIALS Download the LEAFLET OF THE COURSE Course objectives ProFile is conducted by the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ) in cooperation with universities, funding institutions and the DAAD. Data collection started in 2009 to assess the situation of doctoral candidates and doctorate holders in Germany and examine the determinants of research careers. The course aims at introducing the characteristics of the ProFile dataset by highlighting…

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What we know about Venture Capital in Europe: exploring VICO

SCA organized by Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy REPORT            VICO COURSE MATERIALS   Course objectives The objective of the course is to describe the features of the VICO infrastructure (click here for further information), highlighting its potential applications to early stage researchers interested in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, practitioners and policy makers. The course also aims at providing a practical training for the exploitation of the VICO infrastructure. See the LEAFLET of the course…

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European Tertiary Education Register: introductory course (Rome Edition)

REPORT            COURSE MATERIALS   Course objectives The aim of this course is to disseminate the use of the European Tertiary Education Register (ETER) facility among researchers interested in its exploitation for the purposes of analysis of higher education systems. ETER is a facility funding by the European Commission (DG EAC) which provides a census of Higher Education Institutions in Europe, including basic information on organizational characteristics, educational and research activities, as…

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Joint and Open REsearch Programmes: features and potentialities of the JOREP database

SCA organized by Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth (IRCrES) [former CERIS] - CNR , Rome, IT REPORT            JOREP COURSE MATERIALS [gallery ids="2463,2466,2464,2465,2467,2468"] JOREP course photogallery Course objectives The course aims at introducing the features of the JOREP database, highlighting the specific contents and framing its potential uses in the context of the theoretical background on which have been designed. More specifically, the course trains the participants to figure out and to…

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